Together, let’s strike the perfect balance between driving growth and managing cyber risk

At Peloton Cyber, our proven process starts with people—not tools and technology.

In recent years, business growth took a back seat to survival. Now it’s back on the agenda, and every leader is striving to get ahead. One of the most powerful secret weapons? An effective cyber security strategy.

By building your organisation’s cyber-resilience, you’re better positioned to accelerate transformation, optimise productivity, drive competitive advantage, protect your people and operations and so much more.

Peloton is here to help you to embed cyber security into the core of your business, giving you peace of mind while driving your strategic goals.

Every business can benefit from a smarter, simpler approach to cyber security.

45 Cyber
security tools

on average, are deployed by enterprises 1

Yet we know that more tools add complexity and weaken cyber security defences.

$265 billion
by 2031

estimated cost of global ransomware attacks by 2031 2

And we know that 80% of businesses that pay ransoms get hit with a second attack. 3

41.6 billion
IIoT devices by 2025

But they’re unsecured, and threat actors are exploiting these devices 4

OT attacks have increased by 67% in the last 5 years and they’re getting more sophisticated. 5

of security leaders

say their organisation is falling short of addressing cyber risks 6

The reason? Too many tactical distractions make it hard to get a robust strategy in place.

Our proven processes give you the confidence to forge ahead.

At Peloton, we pair our cyber security services with leading-edge technologies, and continually optimise to fit your business needs.

Identify an acceptable level of risk, and then put plans in place to manage it.​
Build sustainable cyber security solutions to make operational technology more resilient, available and safe. ​​

Build a sustainable and resilient cyber security strategy with help from the team that puts people first.

Your journey to cyber resilience

Explore common barriers holding businesses back, along with five key steps to making cyber security your competitive advantage.

Here’s what our clients say about partnering with Peloton.

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No matter what stage you’re at, Peloton can help strengthen your cyber security posture.​

Peloton’s strategic and managed services help you embed cyber security into the core of your business.

We've worked with businesses large and small across multiple sectors to build enduring cyber-resilience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are five key considerations for an Australian business when assessing a cyber security provider:
  • Identify your specific cyber security needs to determine if they match with the provider’s capabilities
  • Seek companies with Australian-based credentials
  • Research their reputation, client testimonials and case studies
  • Ensure they adhere to Australian regulations and industry standards
  • Check their team has the relevant qualifications and skills to undertake the work required
For more information, download our eBook: 10 Questions to ask when choosing a cyber security partner

Cyber security services cover a broad range of offerings designed to help organisations protect their information systems, networks and data from cyber threats. These services can vary based on the provider’s expertise, the needs of their clients and the specific nature of the cyber threats faced.

Cyber security is now more crucial than ever. Our interconnected world faces multifaceted challenges, from sophisticated phishing and social engineering tactics that prey on human psychology to the alarming rise of AI-driven deep fake threats. The vulnerabilities within supply chains and third-party involvements underscore the importance of comprehensive security strategies. Additionally, the lurking dangers of zero-day exploits and vulnerabilities, and the rapid expansion of IoT and smart devices demand heightened vigilance to safeguard our data and privacy.

Strengthen your cyber security defences.

Cyber resilience is your secret weapon for growth