Corporate IT Cyber Security​

Virtual Chief Security Officer (CSO)

Extend your IT capabilities without having to hire a chief security officer in house.

Extra support, whenever you need it

Whether you’re without a chief information security officer in your business, you need some help doing the heavy lifting or just want an independent view of your cyber resilience, Peloton is your ideal partner for cyber security services.

As your Virtual Chief Security Officer (CSO), we will help you identify your cyber risks, define your security roadmap, and execute on it. We can also help you raise awareness in your business about cyber risks, educate your teams and act as both advocate and adviser.

We’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get in the trenches with you to help reduce your cyber risk and govern your security program.

Why use a Virtual Chief Security Officer (CSO)?

Drive positive change with passionate, expert security leadership

Gain a safe set of hands to manage your cyber program, provide advice, track security governance, and reduce cyber risk

Access wider expertise from the entire Peloton team, applied through the lens of your business and industry

What to expect with Peloton Virtual Chief Security Officer (CSO)

A Peloton Virtual Chief Security Officer (CSO) provides a comprehensive range of cyber security services, including:

The Peloton difference   ​

We see cyber security as a growth opportunity

Fundamental to Peloton’s approach is the view that cyber security management, when done right, will help your business grow. We’ll help your executive team see cyber as fuel for growth, not a cost centre.

Your security roadmap is designed just for you

We use the deep insight we’ve identified in our cyber risk assessment and security testing to create a security roadmap that links directly to your business objectives and IT roadmap, reducing risk and helping you move forward fast. 

On-site and always available

If you want us to, we can be on site and embedded in your team, as both your cyber advocates and advisers. Our main focus is to help you move the needle on cyber risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual Chief Security Officer (CSO) can help you identify your cyber risks, define your security roadmap and execute on it. They can also help you raise awareness in your business about cyber risks, educate your teams and act as both advocate and adviser. Typically, the virtual CSO would meet regularly with the CIO and key stakeholders to walkthrough the cyber board and management report, share threat landscape and regulatory changes, discuss business priorities and share the proposed work plan for the day.

At Peloton, we offer a virtual CSO at a daily rate, customised to your needs. It could be one day per month or one day per week depending on your requirements. Normally more time is required earlier in your security journey, and then as we work with you to increase your internal cyber capability we can reduce the number of scheduled hours.


  • Help reduce cyber risk across your business
  • Develop your cyber security strategy
  • Increase cyber awareness and stakeholder engagement in your business
  • Increase your internal cyber security capability within your IT and technical teams
  • Monitor and provide advice on your threat landscape and regulatory requirements
  • Provide independent advice on your cyber risks and security program



  • Govern and drive your security program
  • Augment your existing team
  • Track compliance against your preferred security standard
  • Assess threats in new initiatives and business changes
  • Produce cyber security reports for the board and management team
  • Perform internal audits and facilitate external audits
  • Upskill and advise your team to add security considerations to standard processes
  • Manage your supply chain security program

Strengthen your cyber security defences.