Corporate IT Cyber Security​

Risk Assessment Services

Gain a clear picture of cyber risks and take action to mitigate them.

Arming your business with knowledge you can act upon.

Cyber breaches can have a critical impact on any organisation. It’s why every security program in every organisation needs to know where potential weak spots lie—and then work to address them. Independent, holistic cyber risk assessment services can help you:

  • Uncover and understand where risks lie
  • Understand cyber threats your industry may be vulnerable to
  • Assess the impact of these risks to your business
  • Plan how to remediate and mitigate those risks

Working closely with your team to understand how your business uses technology as a strategic asset, we use industry-standard cyber risk assessment frameworks (e.g. NIST Cyber Security Framework, ISO27001, ASD Essential 8 and FAIR) to assess your current versus desired maturity. Key risks are then documented and quantified before prioritising a remediation roadmap.

Why perform a risk assessment?

Gain visibility with a known state of cyber risk within your organisation

Take action with a prioritised list of remediation activities to reduce your cyber risk

Reduce impact by preventing, detecting and quickly responding to cyber incidents

What to expect with a Peloton risk assessment

Following a project kick-off workshop to align on an agreed set of objectives, scope, timeline and intended outcomes, Peloton’s risk assessment services will include:

The Peloton difference  

Measurable results

Based on our cyber security risk analysis, we give you a quantified figure for the risk you bear today, and prove measurable risk reduction over time—giving you tangible value for your cyber security spend.

Broad strategic lens, deep technical expertise

We make decisions with your current and future IT strategy in mind, based on your context, and recommend best-practice solutions that align with this risk assessment strategy.

Vendor agnostic

We have strong relationships with the leading cyber vendors, but will only ever recommend risk assessment services or solutions that make strategic sense to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A cyber security risk assessment is a comprehensive assessment that uncovers where risks lie, specific cyber threats within your industry, assesses the impact of the identified risks to your business and works with you and your business to remediate and mitigate those risks. Ultimately it is about gaining visibility, taking action, reducing impact and overall risk reduction. This is achieved through use of industry-standard cyber risk assessment frameworks (e.g. NIST Cyber Security Framework, ISO27001, ASD Essential 8 and FAIR) to assess current versus desired maturity.

The frequency of cyber security risk assessments is dependent on factors such as the organisation’s industry, and any changes to their systems or processes. A risk assessment should be undertaken on an annual or periodic basis such as every 6-12 months. Additional cyber security risk assessments should occur following an incident within the organisation’s cyber landscape.

There are many benefits to performing a cyber security risk assessment. They allow vulnerabilities to be identified, and assess an organisation’s incident preparedness, business continuity policies and processes. The results from a cyber risk assessment offer the organisation insights to prioritise resources, ensuring they are meeting compliance regulations. The customised security strategy can increase employee awareness and stakeholder confidence, while protecting the organisation with a cost-effective security approach. Performing regular risk assessments ensures opportunities for long-term improvement and the company’s reputation is protected.

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