Industrial OT Cyber Security

Managed Services

Get your IT and OT teams talking the same language with a unified cyber security approach.

Connected devices leave you exposed and vulnerable

The proliferation of connected industrial devices such as common supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems has created a major security risk. With neither IT nor OT teams taking ownership of their security, these readily hackable devices can hand over to adversaries the keys to your kingdom.

While traditionally a physical air gap was maintained between corporate and operational technology, today even simple field devices like sensors can connect to the internet and leave the back door open. Many of these devices can easily be accessed online, and/or reached physically in low security environments.

Secure by design and resilient security infrastructure

Taking a people first approach to OT security, supported by systems and technology, we partner with you to bring your IT, OT and leadership teams together on a shared journey.

We are experts in applying secure by design principles and resilient security infrastructure to meet immediate, ongoing and future business and compliance needs. To lock down immediate threats, we start small with affordable quick wins – such as one-way diodes – before helping you build sustainable in-house capabilities.

While we partner with world-leading technology vendors including Microsoft, Fortinet, Nozomi, and Qualys, we design the solution that best suits you with our range of managed services.

Securing Operational Technology (OT) & Industrial Control Systems (ICS)

Empower your personnel, devices, assets and applications to connect from anywhere without leaving you exposed.

Effective OT cyber security is built on an accurate inventory of all your operational technology and industrial control systems.

“Almost every attack we’ve seen in the last year started from initial access to an IT network that was leveraged into the OT environment. Critical infrastructure security is a worldwide challenge and difficult to tackle. We must be innovative in creating tools and conducting research to learn more about these types of attacks.”1

Find out how Peloton’s managed industrial OT cyber security solutions can unify and strengthen your defences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Managed services in OT cyber security involve outsourcing part, or all, of the monitoring, management and protection of an organisation’s digital assets and networks used for controlling physical processes and the industrial control system to a third-party provider possessing experience and expertise.

OT managed cyber security services, often provided by Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs), offer dedicated cyber security professionals who understand how to manage reliability, safety and availability of physical processes and industrial control systems by providing guidance, solutions and services tailored to your organisation’s security requirements. By outsourcing your cyber security needs to an MSSP, you can ensure that experts are monitoring and managing your digital assets, identifying vulnerabilities and responding to threats in real time working hand in hand with the functional safety and alarm management team, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

The most essential MSSP services include continuous visibility, monitoring and threat detection, vulnerability management, secure remote access, incident response, vCSO (virtual Cyber Security Officer) and overall security strategy development.

Jump-start your industrial OT cyber security maturity.