Industrial OT Cyber Security

The back door is open to dangerous adversaries

Make operational technology more resilient, available and safe  

The widening void between corporate IT and operations technology (OT) and industrial control systems (ICS) is leaving the back door wide open for adversaries to attack the world’s most critical operations and infrastructure.

With cyber attacks on OT systems up 67% in the last 5 years1, these are emerging and escalating threats – so there’s no rulebook. After all, we’re connecting OT systems built to sweat for 30-years with modern IT systems like industrial internet of things (IIoT).

Without best practice cyber security, this can and has led to financial, operational and reputational damage, as well as injuries and fatalities.

Jump-start your industrial OT cyber security maturity

That’s why Peloton is invested in building sustainable cyber security solutions to make OT more resilient, available and safe. And we’re democratising this knowledge to empower industries with skills in our effort to fast-track OT cyber security maturity.

Not only do we understand the fundamentals of IT and OT/ICS technologies and the serious risks that vulnerabilities can create, but more importantly we know what industries can do to better protect themselves.

Through our evolving suite of Industrial OT and Corporate IT cyber security solutions, we help you get the fundamental people and processes in place for your operation and deploy high tech solutions over the top.

Bridge the IT and OT knowledge gaps on every level including business strategy, operations, functional safety and cyber security.

Taking a people first approach, enabled by systems and technology, we partner with you to unify your IT, OT and leadership teams.

“IDC estimates there will be 41.6 billion connected IoT devices by 2025, a growth rate higher than traditional IT equipment … IoT and OT device security has not kept pace, and threat actors are exploiting these devices.”2

Protection is possible.
But it’s time to think beyond IT.

From mines and factories to utilities and transport networks, we urgently need to sharpen focus on OT and design a layered defence and in-depth security solution by implementing zero trust architecture principle to lift maturity top down and bottom up.

At Peloton, we achieve this with a proven set of processes that start by understanding your business, industrial operations and associated cyber risk, then develop a strategic remediation roadmap that balances your cyber risks with business, operational and functional safety risks.

The answer starts with the right questions:

  1. What do you most need to protect (your crown jewels)?
  2. What are you trying to defend against (your greatest threats)?
  3. Where are you at in your industrial OT security journey (your cyber maturity)?

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Jump-start your industrial OT cyber security maturity.