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Simplify and strengthen your cyber defences with Peloton’s world-class managed cyber security services.

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The average organisation uses around 45 cyber security tools. Yet studies show that the widespread use of too many tools may contribute to an inability not only to detect, but also to defend from active attacks.1

Peloton’s cyber security managed services help you navigate the complex cyber security landscape. We’ll show you which tools and technologies really matter to your business, and which ones add unnecessary noise. With our world-class managed cyber security solutions and fast-response technologies, we’ll help simplify the complexity and strengthen your defences.

Our managed cyber security services are all delivered by a highly skilled team with top-tier certifications with real-world experience managing incidents. We work with all sized companies in both listed and unlisted markets and with varying regulatory requirements.

Our Managed Services

Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Contextual insights and advice across your broad IT environment.

Putting the power of people, intelligence and technology to work for your business.

Embed cyber security into the core of your business

Our proven cyber security process is underpinned by a full suite of strategic and managed services. This guide details our eight core capabilities and explains why our unique approach starts with people, not tools and technology.

Find out how Peloton’s managed cyber security services can simplify and strengthen your cyber security defences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Managed services in cyber security involve outsourcing part, or all, of the monitoring, management and protection of an organisation’s digital assets and networks to a third-party provider.

IT managed cyber security services, often provided by Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs), offer dedicated cyber security professionals who deliver guidance, solutions and services tailored to your organisation’s security requirements. By outsourcing your cyber security needs to an MSSP, you can ensure that experts are monitoring and managing your digital assets, identifying vulnerabilities and responding to threats in real time, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

Essential MSSP services include continuous threat detection, incident response, vulnerability management, vCSO (virtual Cyber Security Officer) and overall security strategy development.

Strengthen your cyber security defences.