The Peloton Difference

At Peloton, we help you see cyber security in a different light.

Let’s turn the tables on cyber crime.

We see all the headlines, bombarding us with fear, uncertainty and doubt. About the cost to the economy and losses as a result of cyber crime. About the next high-profile company or institution facing a cyber attack. About OT environments being weaponised to destroy critical infrastructure and kill innocent people. About the billions of dollars being spent on cyber security measures—and all for what?

And when combined with the barrage of messages from security vendors claiming their products are the panacea for it all, it makes sense that corporate and industrial organisations invest heavily in cyber security to best try to defend themselves.

Yet is it money well spent?

Instead of pouring budget into more and more security tools, Peloton believes in a different approach. To secure your business and its most critical assets, we help you build a sustainable and resilient cyber security strategy that can be measured, validated and continuously improved over time— and with predictable costs. It’s a people-first approach, and it works across both corporate IT and industrial OT environments.

Our vision

To reduce $10 billion of cyber risk for businesses globally.

We focus on validated risk reduction for your business.

The risk mitigation strategies we recommend and implement have a direct impact on reducing the amount of inherent risk in your business. In tandem, our recommended controls are prioritised, giving you a clear roadmap for change. You can address your highest priority risks first, with tangible proof of the ROI on your investment.

Quantitive measurement of risk reduction and benefit

With Peloton, you get more than just security tools.

A clearer strategy

We’ll help you determine what your acceptable risk level is, and develop a strategy to help you maintain it.

More visibility

We’ll give you access to transparent reporting that reveals threats and remediation actions, empowering leaders with knowledge.

More confidence

Know that the investment you make in your security strategy will reduce risk and deliver the expected value.

A unique approach to delivering services.

All of our services are underpinned by our core values, including:

Better Together
We focus on serving people. The total will be greater than the sum of the parts.

We give our customers more in value than we receive in payment.

We shoot straight, especially when it’s hard.
We strive to fulfil our purpose and passion with uncommon resilience.
Insatiable Curiosity

We never stop learning – we know how much we don’t know.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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