Corporate IT Cyber Security​

Vulnerability Assessment Services

Understand and act upon weak spots in your cyber defences.

A point-in-time scan of your IT environment.

Vulnerability assessments—which involve a deep investigation into your systems, along with remediation strategies—are a valuable addition to your cyber security toolkit.

Peloton uses industry best-practice frameworks and best-of-breed tools to execute a point-in-time scan of your IT environment. In the process, we:

Why perform a vulnerability assessment?

Know your weaknesses with a detailed asset list, including end-of-life software. (You can’t protect what you can’t see.)

Stay alert to critical threats with ongoing notifications and advice on zero-day vulnerabilities and the real risk to your organisation.

Drive down risks on everything from cloud workloads, wed applications and APIs to network devices and on-premises systems.

What to expect with a Peloton vulnerability assessment

Peloton use best-of-breed commercial tools and global vulnerability detection engines to run a vulnerability analysis across the entire technology stack, including:

Our assessment approach spans the following phases:

While Peloton typically performs white box vulnerability assessments (where you provide information about your IT environment so Peloton has full knowledge of it), we are adept at conducting a range of vulnerability testing types to suit your needs.