Industrial OT Cyber Security

Secure Remote Access

Empower your team and devices to connect from anywhere without leaving you exposed. 

Hybrid working and IoT are here to stay.
Security must step up.

From home-based workers, remote engineers and maintenance contractors, to third party apps, automation tools and smart sensors, demand is accelerating for fast, reliable and secure access to everything from everywhere to efficiently run industrial operations. At the same time, industrial control systems are facing more debilitating cyberattacks that can cause financial and human loss.

Peloton specialises in securely connecting key personnel to remotely access operations technology assets and applications with a powerful combination of zero-trust architecture, encrypted communications, multi-factor authentication, granular user controls and transparent reporting.

Why engage a secure remote access service?

Protect your systems with secure architecture design and granular access management controls for remote connections.  

Simplify administration to eliminate complex admin barriers and enable secure remote access for approved staff and vendors.  

Gain visibility and control with real-time activity monitoring, live disconnects and detailed activity logs for transparency and auditing. 

What to expect with Peloton’s secure remote access service

Easy to use and compliant with strict standards such as IEC 62443, NIST 800-82 and 800-160 v2 recommended architecture, the features of the solution include:

The Peloton difference   ​

Bespoke development

We design and build your remote access solution specific to your requirements for maximum efficiency, resilience and security.

Scalable and flexible

Benefit from fast deployment, customisable features, ongoing approvals and full control of user activity, with no limitations to scale over geographically distributed sites.

Compliant by design

System built to meet the standards and compliance requirement aligning with IEC 62443, NIST 800-82 and 800-160 v2 with no requirement to open inbound connections.


Frequently Asked Questions

The process and technical systems for gaining access to an OT network by an engineer or vendor who is in a remote physical location. It allows an end-to-end secure connection into the OT environment which ensures that activities can be conducted safely, while maintaining operational security.

The technical system for securing remote access should be created using ‘just in time’ and ‘just enough privilege’ methodology, so the engineer doesn’t have excessive access or permissions which could directly or indirectly compromise the environment.

Jump-start your industrial OT cyber security maturity.