Bridging the divide between IT and OT – Presented at CRESTCon Australia 2023

Peloton Cyber CEO, Scott McKean and Head of Architecture, Sanam Makadia presented at CRESTCon Australia  on the topic of how protecting our operations and most critical infrastructure starts with bridging the divide between IT and OT areas of business. This requires listening and learning from each other with empathy, sharing knowledge and having common frameworks and scorecards in place.

From here, IT and OT teams need to work together to establish a plan to implement in the event of an attack. The recommended framework is ICS4ICS  which is based on the emergency management framework that first responders use in the case of a natural disaster event like a bushfire.

In the last 10 minutes, Scott and Sanam hosted a Q&A session that sparked a lot of audience engagement and discussion. We answered the following questions, amongst others:

  • Is the OT Lab that you are setting up already established?
  • How do we go about getting involved with ICS4ICS?
  • How do you bring the management team around, so they support and adopt the incident response planning for OT?

Members of our audience also shared their own personal experiences and observations around the increase in attacks on their OT network.

This presentation was recorded by CRESTCon and originally published here.

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